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We appreciate you being our customer. We want to make great gear for you and strive to do so in a timely fashion when you order it. Most items are made when ordered but we are always working on items and getting orders shipped out the door and into your hands. 

Please be patient with us as this is currently a second job and we are trying to raise a small family. Our desire is to provide you with the gear you want and need but, at times, we have to put our own family and careers first. That does not mean we forgot about you, just that we hope you understand taking care of you and yours first while we are working on things. 


We do offer wholesale opportunities with minimum order quantities between 5-10 for most items. If you are interested in being a stocking dealer for Fehu Outdoors, please email us at Sales@FehuOutdoors[.]com to get a dealer pricing list with Minimum Order Units. 


We will not share your information provided through the website with any online sources. We will also not sell your information. If you feel more comfortable, you can email us or use the contact us page to make an order without entering your information to the website. 


​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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