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Tilpasse Backpack
  • Tilpasse Backpack

    Tilpasse | \`til-pas-ə\ - Norweigian for adapt. This backpack system is designed around being able to customize the internal storage and organizers to fit the equipment you carry and need. Built to be rugged for use in tough conditions, the bag exterior is made with coated nylon to be highly water and wear resistant. Intended to be used by laying open and creating a work space that is off the ground, it also offers the ability to get to the organizers through more conventional top access but also as the ability to zip down a single side to reach items stored at the bottom of the bag. The base of the pack system is a loop field covering the inside of the pack. The organizer bags come with a hook panel so they can be added anywhere to the loop field or replaced with other specific use bags. The pack also has a bottle pocket on each side, lashing options for taller items you may want to keep in a side pouch, pals compatible webbing on the front exterior and loop fields on the outside for use with the Fehu Outdoors match book saver. Standard organizer pocket configurations come in 1 option: 2 large and 3 small zipper pouches.

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    Please note, I am working to get these manufactured and will be doing a primary run of 100 bags. Because of the large order and lead times, bags will begin shipping at the end of January 2023.

      Color: Coyote