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Fehu Tripod Match Kit

Fehu Tripod Match Kit

This is a combination package of our other products to get your tripod kitted out for use with the following:

Chaps ($50)

Sling ($40)

Match Book Saver ($32)

Kestrel Nest ($25)

Pen Pouch ($8, only available with this kit)

Totalling a $155 value if buying separate, this kit will get you prepared to carry all your essentials in a handy one stop purchase.

Standard Chaps lengths are 12", 15", or 18". Longer lenths have a surcharge for added work and materials, 21" are +$15 and 32" are +$25. They are designed to fit most top sections from 25mm to 42mm diameter tripod legs. The Kestrel Nest is Molle compatible and will come with two strips of wrap for attachment to the tripod leg or carried on your pack or belt.



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